Seeking Support As I Run The LA Marathon For Children's Hospital!

I'm not one to ask for fact it's my LEAST FAVORITE THING about working with SO MANY GREAT CHARITIES...but hey, THOUSANDS of folks are about to get super sweaty on Sunday March 8th for the LA Marathon...Dodger Stadium to the ANY HELP would be amazing...

I've been a regular blood donor at Childrens Hospital Los Angelesfor decades...its SO EASY to give blood (i know, unless you're anemic) I give every few months and even gave platelets a few times...its an incredibly selfless and LIFE SAVING thing to do for these kiddos and their families and thru this process, I've gotten to know the folks at the hospital so well...I just ADORE THEM!!

I LOVE their huge hearts and get such a LOVING, FAMILY VIBE eeeeeeeeeeevery time I go and this time, I'm asking if YOU can spare anything to help me raise my $650 for the hospital...I paid just under $200 to register and am completing the HALF on my journey to completing 13.2 miles...from the middle part of the race (I've completed 2 FULL marathons...but these charity halves seem to be better for my body!)...I will run from West Hollywood to the Santa Monica Pier Sunday March 8th and would be SOOOOO GRATEFUL for ANY DONATIONS to help me reach my goal THANK YOU!!! I will be uploading pics and video before and DURING the race March 8th...THANK YOU FOR ANYTHING!!! XOXO