Would You Spend $50,000 To Clone Your Beloved Pet?

How much do you LOVE YOUR DOG? Cat? Horse? What would you spend to 'recreate that magic' after their gone? I mean if money was NO OBJECT...it still sounds a bit crazy...but its SO TRUE...our beloved pets are FAMILY! Hell...most of the time...we probably like them EVEN MORE than some family members-ha! A family in Southern California weren't ready to say goodbye to their furry bff, a Lab named Marley...so they reached out to a cloning company called Via Gen and now have a dog named Ziggy (get it?)🙂 and are SO HAPPY! The couple says the new dog has similar traits as Marley...'they even have the same personality, they play the same, they favor the same toys'...prices start at $35,000 for cats & $50,000 for dogs...would you do it?? If I wanted to clone my late kitty, Sasha...could the new cat NOT CLAW MY FURNITURE?? haa what do you think? I mean...didn't they watch Jurassic Park? ;/