New Info: Coronavirus Can Live On Surfaces For Days & In The Air For Hours

Crazy how little we know about this new virus making its name known ALL over the world...but info from this new study is insightful and will hopefully just further aid folks in STOPPING the continued spread of the tests done by the US government and other scientists say the virus can 'live in the air for several hours and on some surfaces for as long as 2-3 days'...but the study doesn't claim to directly connect actual infections thus far by air or by touching contaminated surfaces...since the outbreak began in China late last year, the Coronavirus has infected more than 120,000+ people and has claimed more 4,300 lives

MOSTLY that of older people and/or people with compromised immune systems or underlining health problems PLEASE...DON'T PANIC and OVERLY STOCK UP on ALLLLLLLLL THE TOILET PAPER, WATER, PAPER TOWELS AND ANYTHING WITH THE WORD 'DISINFECTANT' on that there's NONE LEFT for the rest of us? OK?

Watch what you touch, touch less...wipe and WASH MORE...we WILL GET THRU THIS!! HANG IN THERE!!🙂 

Image via Getty

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