Working From Home: The New Normal?

Hi there...anyone else, blogging from HOME today;?? Its a weird time to just come down with a cold or normal flu...everyone is taking crazy precautions with this virus spreading...normally, I only get sick...MAYBE once a year...felt it coming on Sunday afternoon..but still didn't over stress...til I woke up at 5am Monday hacking and coughing...NO FEVER...but a sore a painful cough...isnt anything I want my coworkers to be around...ESPECIALLY co-workers with many folks stressed out about whats my bosses aren't mad...isn't it funny how feeling sick, also makes u somehow feel like a burden to others ;/ but I'm tea, vitamins...more movie watching and waiting to hear back, when I can sneak in and see my doc...I would NEVER go back to work unless my work fan new a 1000% that I DIDNT HAVE 'the virus' you working from home?? Kids home too?? Lets do our best to be here for each other...I never thought I would appreciate SOCIAL MEDIA so much...thank you for responding/connecting via Instagram thank uuu🙂