Vanessa Hudgens Addresses Backlash Over Coronavirus Death Comments

First her name was trending on social because of this video she posted, now its #shes31 is trending in her 'honor' people are FUMING over seemingly insensitive and irresponsible remarks actress Vanessa Hudgens posted on her Instagram (thats now been deleted) about her 'thoughts on the virus'...the twitter rage for 'She's 31' shows some PRETTY TOUGH WORDS from people are tweeting things like 'no excuses should be made for this behavior...she's not an ill informed teenager, SHE's 31'!

The star even tried to then offer an 'apology' but its NOT going over well...if you ask looks like she had a few cocktails or wine or something before she opened her mouth and posted this regretful video for ALL TO SEE ;/ What do you think?

Image via Getty