Worst time EVER to get a cold? Antibiotics make the world a better place?

Hellooo from sickbay! Aka my house...since this past Sunday...so i blog this on DAY 5 of NOT leaving my house, minus the THROAT SAVING CVS Pharmacy run 😬😬 As many of my MYFM colleagues, pals have been busy getting set up to broadcast their shows from home...God bless u PARENTS who are suddenly HOME SCHOOLING 😳😳😳 I have been reading your posts and am in AWE of your strength, patience and 'scheduling practices' with kiddos now at home and probably straight thru til summer as we are now hearing 😳😳😳 

Amidst my coughing and hacking and dealing with a painful sore throat...i have mostly been trying to rest...and like MOST...am staying WELL INFORMED but have had to take breaks from watching the news...as the updates are CONSTANT and often overwhelming ;/ 

Since Sunday...pretty sure I've watched Fatal Attraction, I Feel Pretty, Bridget Jones Diary, Bridesmaids (ALWAYS!) Die Hard, Die Hard 2, I Walk the Line, a ton more I'mblankin on...and sadly a Vanderpumps Rules marathon leading up to Brittany & Jax's wedding-DONT JUDGE!! Haa had to watch pal Lance Bass be their PASTOR and officiate the ceremony 🤗🤗🤗 ++FINALLY had my 'medical consult via phone only' with my new ENT Wed am...he concurred what we are hearing on the news...he/his team do NOT have the correct/safest medical 'outfits' 'gear' my words here but not enough to protect THEM/the facility in the event they treat someone who then tests POSITIVE for the virus...if that happened...the health department SHUTS THEM DOWN for 14 days, everyone is quarantined and then...he couldn't treat ANYONE ;/ Soooo i get it...but 40 minutes later...he called in my antibiotics and I also asked for some ANTI ANXIETY MEDS...I've been having rough bouts with it at night...i just need a little back up right now ;/ He ALSO AGREED...with 'word' that some doctors were concered that Ibuprofen or any 'anti-inflammatory' could irritate or inflame the virus IF i indeed had it, soooo play it safe...NO STEROIDS for my throat...lets just wait n see...let the antibiotics do their job...if my symptoms change, i get worse or get a fever or have trouble breathing...to call him immediately...he will get me approved for testing at Cedars...soooo yep. STAYING POSITIVE...LUVING AND APPRECIATING ALL OF YOUR KIND, LOVING WORDS 🧡🧡🧡 for me AND that you are sharing on social with EVERYONE RIGHT NOW!! We need it MORE THAN EVER 🧡💙🧡💙 Hope to be healthy and back on the air to keep you company VERY SOOOON my friend 🤗🤗🤗