Evangeline Lilly Won't Self-Isolate, Values 'Freedom' Over Life?

I know we are allowed to have our 'own opinion' and all, but actress Evangeline Lilly's recent Instagram posts suggesting her ZERO INTEREST in self quarantining....are just as confusing as an episode or EVERY episode of 'Lost' (oh snap, that would be a good one to binge watch during all this!) Ok...back to Kate...I meeeeeean Evangeline ;0 Even though she lives in Hawaii, with her father who has stage 4 leukemia AND has kids (the type of family situation that has MOST on pause with caution AND self quarantining)...her post featured a pic of her enjoying her 'morning tea' after dropping off her kids at their gymnastics camp...'business as usual'...she went on to say 'they all washed their hands before going in.

They are playing and laughing as usual'...fans had LOTS to say in the comments...then her response got even more perplexing...kind of brushing off the Coronavirus as just a 'respiratory flu" and that it somehow may be politically motivated....saying 'there's something every election year'...??

What do you think? And is it irresponsible to NOT self quarantine...JUST to do our part in halting the spread??