Vanessa Bryant Praises Beautiful Kobe & Gigi Tribute Tattoo

Is it a weird thing to hoo, I have to stay home for few weeks, maybe months during this pandemic...but that is NOTHING compared to the pain those are going thru DAILY...after losing a loved one?🙁 I know the news has died down a bit about that tragic helicopter crash...I just feel SO MUCH for Vanessa and her family and those girls...ALL THOSE FAMILIES who lost everyone in a flash!! It should have NEVER HAPPENED! But...I won't go off on another angry tangent about the pilot being irresponsible and flying in that weather...I'd rather show that as the 'dust is settling' per say...Vanessa has some time to see...TRULY SEE THE LOVE thru these beauuuuuuutiful tributes to her family in honor of Kobe & Gianna🙁 Hears what she had to say about this super cool tattoo a fan got on their calf, in their honor...WELL DONE to the artist...WOW🙂