Did You Know We Can Now Get Cocktails To Go!

Blogging/working from home...u too? Well....I know we ALL got 'the memo' about how this health 'crisis' situation is affecting our beloved bars and restaurants...delivery services I hear are so backed up with orders its been a whole new INFLUX of business...so for the places that serve food AND adult beverages...I did NOT KNOW...that depending on where you are ordering from...WE CAN GET BEER, WINE AND COCKTAILS 'TO GO' AND DELIVERED TOO??!!! I know...its the little things that get us excited these days, right? ha...sorry if it makes me a tad giddy that if I get food to go OR delivered from my favorite Mexican spot...I can ALSO get my perfectly blended Skinny Margarita or Mexican beer from them too! Thank you to California's Alcohol Beverage Control for 'easing the restrictions' during this challenging time...I'm TOTALLY down to do what we can to help keep our favorite spots in business during all this...and still enjoy a nice treat🙂 SO 'CHEERS' to us, making the MOST of the situation...as best we can friends XOXO

For more info visit la.eater.com