Dream Landlords! Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Waive Rent for Their Tenants!


Can we ALL have Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard as landlords??

In a time when SO MANY businesses were forced to closed and people SUDDENLY out of work, due to this Coronavirus pandemic...that 'HOW IN THE HELL AM I GOING TO PAY MY BILLS' stress just GOT REAL. Unless you had a NICE chunk of change in your savings account, TONS of stocks...or rich, generous relatives...

MOST FOLKS who were living 'paycheck to paycheck' as they say...are freaking out about money...UNLESS you are a tenant in one of the residential buildings that Kristen and Dax own in LA, who reportedly decided to WAIVE the RENTS for all tenants of their buildings for the month of April ;0 What's that address again and how soon can WE MOVE IN?? Ha THANK YOU for having a HEART aaaaand deep pockets enough to TRULY be a savior to those cash strapped people. 🙂 

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