Get PAID A $1,000 to Watch the Netflix Show 'Ozark'!

Blogging/working from home...u? Well...while Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and more online streaming services are seeing an influx in customers during this 'Safer At Home' ordered pandemic...and SO MANY FOLKS sadly, SUDDENLY out of work...

THANK YOU NETFLIX for this opportunity to PAY SOMEONE to watch a long time fav Jason Bateman and the show 'Ozark' and GET PAID FOR DOING SO!! Yes. Netflix is offering ONE FAN a $1,000 to just watch the first 2 seasons of 'Ozark' BEFORE the 3rd season is set to launch...the winner has 17 days to watch all of the 20 episodes and GET PAID DOING SO! You'll probably need to give your honest feedback about the show...

I've heard great things and hey, its BATEMAN! SO GOOD! Apply here, hurry and best of luck! 

Image via Getty

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