"Love Is Blind" Just Got Renewed For Two More Seasons!

How's the Coronavirus-Quarantine treating ya?? Did you blow through ALL your favorite TV shows on demand and movies on cable, in the DVR, on Netflix, Hulu AND Disney+?? ha I've seen posts on social media that suggest EXACTLY THAT🙂 And everyone always asks 'What should we BINGE WATCH??

This reality show 'Love Is Blind' seems to be at the TOP OF THE LIST ;0 It's become a cult hit and apparently Netflix is paying attention...and GIVING US MORE!! Ha thank you #buzzfeed for these hilarious tweets about everyone's LOVE-HATE relationship with this show that shoves strangers together for 'love'...soon we will have 3 seasons to binge watch! Based on these tweets and what my friends have been saying...Love Is Blind is 'THE' new guilty binge watch....have you seen it??

Will you watch now?

Image via Getty

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