Cities Threaten To Fine People Who Ignore 'Safer at Home' Orders

Why aren't people listening? Cities across the country and yes ESPECIALLY HERE IN CALIFORNIA...we've been told to STAY HOME! Getting used to our 'new normal' has been off to a bumpy start for some...the 'Safer At Home' order was ORDERED in Los Angeles County and last weekend, sadly...folks came out in DROVES to our local beaches ;/ TRUST ME...WE KNOW...the weather is BEAUTIFUUUUUL...its TEMPTING...some are on an 'extended Spring Break' ha aka this quarantine for the next month, probably the city of Santa Monica has will now 'issue citations to people who fail to follow the state's Stay At Home order'...meaning POLICE can find it a misdemeanor and will CITE YOU and local businesses...if found to be in 'violation'...get the specifics here...come on guys...the more we ALL STAY HOME and follow the rules...the sooner we can have our lives back! XOXO 

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