Goodwill Is Closed! Asking For Donations To Pause

Oh the that SO MANY finally have some 'extra time' on our hands with this quarantine...why not be productive and clean out those closets?? Storage units? The Garage? PLEASE keep doing that but sadly...I was wondering this too, for the same reason and hadn't had a chance to Google it yet, then heard it on KTLA...GOODWILL is CLOSED!

They are not able to currently accept donations ;/ So people...who didn't double check or ask...are just dropping stuff on by the truck load and now Goodwill is asking folks TO STOP...please WAIT to donate...items being dropped off 'are becoming trash and a community safety hazard' they say...there isn't anyone there to help facilitate not only are you not getting your tax write off (hello?!) but its all just pilling up like trash that may have to be thrown away after sitting out there for months, until things are resolved ;/ So...please....

KEEP BEING PRODUCTIVE and WANTING TO GIVE...just wait on that 'giving part' and hold the drop offs til they reopen🙂 XOXO

Image via Getty

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