Ryan Reynolds Donating 30% of Gin Proceeds to Bartenders In Need

Blogging/working from home...u too?

Well...as many people are admitting to more self-medicating and making jokes/comments on social media about drinking and eating MORE to 'get thru' this Coronavirus 'quarantine' ...check out this offering from one of our favorite comedic actors Ryan Reynolds...it TRULY MAKES ME WISH I COULD STOMACH THE TASTE OF GIN 😳😳😳 its just NOT POSSIBLE for me personally (so gross) ha BUT, this is awesome...GIN DRINKERS WE NEED U!!

As Ryan has announced he'll be donating proceeds from his own Aviation Gin brand...30% of ALL proceeds are going to help out of work bartenders....EVERY BOTTLE sold online between now and May 1st will go to the United States Bartender's Guild as part of their new 'Tip Your Bartenders' program, even kicking it off with a $15,000 donation🙂🙂🙂 

Cheers to helping!! 

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