Coronavirus: MLB jersey provider Fanatics making masks for medical workers

Alright , this is cool!! With our hard working doctors, nurses and healthcare workers flying through their NECESSARY supplies at the hospital to stay SAFE and protected, it's SO NICE to see yet ANOTHER company coming to the rescue. "Fanatics", the TOP provider of MLB hats, jerseys and other merch, is now using their jersey made material to create and donate a million masks AND a million gowns to be distributed ASAP! Although us die hard baseball fans didn't get an "OPENING DAY" this year (YET), the news that this MLB jersey company is making masks and gowns with a BASEBALL FLARE is just what everyone needed🙂 It is so great to see everyone trying to do what they can to help! THANK YOU "Fanatics"!! I'm SURE those receiving these items, will get an extra smile when they see those pinstripes🙂 XOXO