Foster A Dog, Get Free Beer For 3 Months

Well...this is a new approach! With SO MANY FOLKS ordered to stay HOME for the next few months...lots of adoption/rescue groups are looking for ANY way to encourage more people to help get their animals out of shelters and into HOMES...I'm a FAN of 'fostering' as just outright adopting/getting caught up in the moment when you may not be ready or the animal is not a good fit for you/your family, could be additionally heartbreaking...

FOSTERING is a great way to help 'temporarily' step in...and of course, everyone involved secretly hopes it will become a love-fest/bond that will LAST FOREVER :) Busch Beer wanted to ADD AN INCENTIVE...if you or someone you know, lives in the Minnesota...and is interested in fostering or adopting a dog from the Midwest Animal Rescue...the beer company will give you 3 MONTHS WORTH OF FREE BEER 'to enjoy by their side'! THAT what its gonna take to get folks to help?? We shall see and if so...any California companies wanna jump in here??

Where are all of our wine makers when ya need 'em?? Foster a cat for FREE BOXED WINE??? A CASE OF ROSE?? COME ON!!🙂 XOXO 

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