Popular CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Tests Positive For Coronavirus

As new news and updates seem to come in by the minute regarding all thats going on with this pandemic...many have been enjoying the often 'playful banter' between brothers on TV...New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who's often on LIVE, being interviewed by his brother...CNN's Chris Cuomo...their handsome features and witty banter has even gotten the attention of some female fans who have even been SWOONING over the two on social media...asking if their single, and 'finally, a reason to care about the news'...saying the Governor is 'sexy af' ;0..but as the banter has been informative AND entertaining at times...now word comes that news anchor Chris Cuomo has tested POSITIVE for the Coronavirus. ;/

THANKFULLY he says he's 'feeling well' and plans to keep working from home...Stay STRONG...Stay Safe...Stay Home XOXO

Image via Getty