31 Fab Gifts To Make Quarantine Bdays Amazing!

Ok...I'm giving ALL credit of this post and all the AWESOME 'Quarantine-Bday-Ideas' to Buzz Feed staff writer Emma Lord...as MANY of us have been clearly TAKEN ABACK about a 100k+ STEPS with the downward spiral of most lives as we knew it, amidst this crazy pandemic...it has been OVERWHELMING!! Just in the past 3 weeks alone...its become a MASSIVE adjustment, to be ordered to 'Stay at Home', to say the least...let alone SO MUCH tragedy...from record breaking unemployment numbers, FEAR, ANXIETY and deaths...many have TRULY felt like we are living in the 'Twilight Zone'...and added to that...on a lighter note...GUILT of friends, colleagues and FAMILY MEMBERS having lonely days on social media...with nothing🙁 Like....I've been SO concerned with my stuff...how could I forget ______ BDAY???!!! Ug!!!

The saddest stories I've seen online has been from parents expressing little kids crying, not understanding why they can't see their friends for their birthday, have a little party, a little cake, presents...I've seen MANY of my friends make the best of these ZOOM video chat parties, a cake, candle...all SOLO ;/ BUT this incredible list of ideas can help WIPE AWAY THE BDAY GUILT and in today's tough times...you may find those 'thankful and appreciative' qualities in your BESTIES...EXEMPLIFIED with the gesture alone🙂 ...take a look...plan ahead...THANK U EMMA!! GREAT job with these...my bday is in July...the 'birthday cake in a mug', an 'astrology-based book on self care' for LEO's🙂, and 'personalized bracelet' are my top 3🙂 XOXO 

Click here for ALL 31 ideas, including my top 3 🙂 

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