The Perfect Inspiration To Stay Home From Britney Spears!

Ok...LOTS of artists have been doing what they can to help entertain the masses during this global they are performing their own songs from home or even writing and creating NEW VERSIONS of their hit songs to share like the Gloria Estefan post on her Instagram today of 'Put On Your Mask' to the beat of her famous 'Get On Your Feet' ...

What I wouldn't give for Britney Spears to perform a NEW VERSION of her hit line from 'Hit Me Baby' to the tune of her NEW MESSAGE!! But what an ADORABLE drawing, obviously in ode to the original video...but something I hope folks will SING DAILY BEFORE thinking about going out to meet up with friends, thus breaking the current STAY HOME and SAVE LIVES!! THANKS BRIT!!! Every encouragement DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! #flattenthecurve🙂 

Thumbnail via Getty