A Make-Up Free Kelly Clarkson Shows Us Her Ranch

Yes, we've loved Kelly Clarkson EVER SINCE the whole world voted for her to WIN on season 1 of American Idol, what 18+ years ago now?? ...and my oh my...look where this amazing, genuine lady has landed!!!

We LOVE seeing her in that red coach swivel chair on The Voice...her positive vibes X 10,000 day time talk show The Kelly Clarkson Show airing weekdays on NBC, that QUICKLY became a HUGE HIT...

I just feel like she's a gal who keeps IT REAL AND WE LOVE IT!! Her daytime show is still currently running re-runs, with the unexpected QUICK pandemic shutdown of most shows featuring large crowds...its nice to see her checking in LIVE on her shows, in the present tense...which also included a little 'show n tell' tour of her family's ranch...people on social media, have expressed being annoyed seeing 'rich celebs' quote un quote 'wholed up in their MANSIONS' ...Kelly's tour of her life of her beautiful sprawling ranch in Montana...just made everyone LOVE HER EVEN MORE🙂 

Image via Getty

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