Why Fans Are Hating On The Return Of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'

Trust me...during this pandemic....folks STRESSING ABOUT MONEY is in our DEFINITE TOP 3 STRESSORS...HEALTH, FINANCIAL & FAMILY....yes?? Heck working at a radio station that THRIVES on our darn signature game 'Whats That Noise' to win THOUSANDS...it made people so upset when we had to PAUSE IT because the big GAME SHOW TONE is not cool right now...BUT...that noise AND 30k ish? jackpot WILL BE BACK!!! DON'T TRIP...the money is WAITING FOR YOU! Hopefully it will feel right to bring it back in May, June...but SPEAKING OF WINNING BIG...

ABC has been touting the return of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' with new host Jimmy Kimmel starting TONIGHT...with 

it being 'Celebs playing for charities' and people are social media are LOSING THEIR MINDS!!! Read the comments below...I will watch tonight but do understand...people want to WIN IT DIRECTLY during these ESPECIALLY tough times...'tune in tonight, to watch ALREADY MILLIONAIRES PLAY' ouch ;0 

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