Make Disney's Famous 'Dole Whip' At Home!!

Ok...with SO MANY Disney 'die hards' MISSING EVERYTHING ABOUT our regular therapeutic, entertaining and soul soothing visits to  Disneyland & Disney's California Adventure Parks during this Disney...we are all slooooowly finding ways to cope...and trust me...COMFORT FOOD HELPS!!

Not to mention...a 'taste of Disney' right at HOME ala one of their signature treats that so many look forward to EVERY about this DOLE WHIP recipe...I MEEEEEAN the eh hem 'frozen pineapple treat' recipe that was shared via the Disney app!!

FROM DISNEY PARKS!!! THIS IS LEGIT FOLKS!!! Check it out and maaaaaaybe when the weather warms up, u can TREAT yourself and the family to a 'taste' of Disney...XOXO