Lionsgate Films To Offer 4 Fridays Of Free Hosted Movies Online

During this pandemic...the popularity of music, computer games, board games, books, puzzles, baking and movies have once again been confirmed as our continued favorite top GO-TO's for escapism, a little bit of 'brain exercise' and just overall an entertaining way to spend time 🙂 With SO MANY especially TIGHT on money these days....the talk of ANYTHING 'FREE' is especially exciting THANK YOU LIONSGATE FILMS🙂

Here's how you can watch a special series of free movies on You Tube, EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT for 4 weeks and see favorites like The Hunger Games, La La Land, Dirty Dancing and John Wick on will be celebrity hosted and INTERACTIVE...check out the details and try to enjoy🙂 and HANG IN THERE XOXO

Image via Getty