Virtual Chippendale Dancer Parties Are Happening!

FINALLY!!! Something to TRULY LIFT OUR QUARANTINE SPIRITS...HOT MALE DANCERS IN YOUR HOUSE!!! Well...kind of 🙂🙂 ha...for most of my radio career...I've had the privilege of being able to host some pretty BEYOND COOL events...and I'm NOT embarrassed to admit, that it definitely included LOTS OF QUALITY TIME WITH MALE STRIPPERS over the years...from my early days in 'Male Review' nights at nightclubs for radio station promos and then later...The Hollywood Men, the Thunder from Down Under and of course...THE CHIPPENDALES!! And with so many people feeling down about having lonely, quarantine birthdays during this tough we have a new way to REALLY CELEBRATE!! Birthdays, Girls Nights and just a good ol fashioned 'IM BORED, ITS TUESDAY'! You can now have the Chippendale dancers do shows for you, with you 'at home' via this new virtual experience they've just smart!! A 40 minute virtual party with 2 dancers to join you and your friends ala Zoom, House Party, FaceTime & other video chat platforms for chatting, flirting, games and LAP DANCING!! 

**They are also offering FREE virtual parties for health care workers and first responders!!! AND for anyone who had a ticket for a Coronavirus-cancelled show...LOVE IT!! Find out more here: