Grinch's Whoville Sets Demolished At Universal Studios


This pandemic has been painful on SO MANY LEVELS...and with all of our favorite theme parks closed...this news is just a stab to the heart to die-hard Grinch its been revealed...ALL of the outdoor 'Whoville' sets from the iconic film 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' know real people version shot back in 2000, starring Jim Carey?? Yes...we all do🙁 ...sadly ALL of those Whoville sets had to be demolished on the backlot at Universal Studios Hollywood, CA🙁 Reports say...the outdoor sets were EXTENSIVE and not really built to withstand extreme weather conditions off and on for another 20 years...oh come on...ya mean 1,900+candy canes, endless mounds of styrofoam and enough artificial snow to cover 9 football fields couldn't handle 20 years of blazing California sunshine and occasional pounding rain?? Apparently it was time to say goodbye🙁

HOPEFULLY they will REBUILD SOME??? I just don't want that memory...that precious part of Universal 'history' to just go, we will look forward to see what do they will still honor the Who's and the Grinch..OR I WILL ARRANGE A PROTEST!!! ha...ok...lets just see what happens...just a bit sad🙁 

Image via Getty

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