Hottie Actor Ansel Elgort Posts A Nude Pic For Charity

Ok...I mean, he had my, OUR attention in hit movies like Divergent,The Fault in Our Stars....and then Baby has it again by being SNEAKY! Ha a little sneaky, but hey WHATEVER WORKS...and CLEARLY this did🙂 The hot nude shower pic he posted on social media, CERTAINLY got everyone's us excited and obviously a bit 'dirty-minded' fans raced to his link in was actually a link to a GO FUND ME PAGE to help people!! Good move that fans already got a 'treat'...maybe they will give even more to help provide meals to healthcare workers on the Covid 19 frontlines in Brooklyn🙂 Get the deets here and Ansel...FEEL FREE TO KEEP DOING THAT🙂 I mean...your version of 'helping' is a WIN WIN🙂

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