Doggie Daycare In LA Now Free To Healthcare Workers

Well isn't this a nice gesture...its not enough that doctors, nurses and healthcare workers have been putting their lives on the line working the frontlines of this pandemic...risking getting exposed, most working especially long and exhausting hours dealing with Lord knows what coming their way...and God forbid they are animal lovers too...some are probably ALSO dealing with extreme GUILT over what to do with their pets while their busy being completely consumed by all of this...well, now its the Dogtopia to the RESCUE!! Dogtopia...a doggie daycare in Torrance, CA is now offering FREE SERVICES to healthcare workers, so that they ATLEAST have a little relief that their beloved pets can now spend their days being SHOWERED WITH DOGGIE DAYCARE LOVE-FREE🙂 They've been delivering gift cards to local hospitals...find out more here: