Firefighters Warn 'Do NOT Sterilize Face Masks In Microwaves'!

As MILLIONS of people out of nowhere, suddenly had to buy and or make SOME KIND of Coronavirus face mask for protection during this pandemic (due to being ordered or STRONGLY ADVISED to do so)...who would ever think it would be try and 'STERILIZE IT'...IN A MICROWAVE??!!! ;/ ;/ Oy!! Fire officials are warning residents to NOT DO THAT because it could spark a fire...'microwaving masks to kill germs, IS A FIRE HAZARD AND AN EXTREMELY BAD IDEA'!! Lets not add ANY MORE ROOM FOR TRAGEDIES in all this with a scary house fire or even bothering fire firefighters who might be needed elsewhere...we are advised TO WASH IN A WASHING MACHINE or toss out and exchanged for a new one if its needed. Sounds like these masks are gonna stay a part of our lives for lets BE SAFE, BE CAREFUL and please BE PATIENT...we are ALL hoping and praying it will be over soooooooon...and we can slooooowly start 'getting our lives back' XOXO

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