Watch Bart, Olaf, Mickey, Hulk And More Dance To 'All In This Together'!

Ok...I came across this on Instagram TV...just scrolling through videos and did a TRIPLE TAKE when I saw a TON of our favorite Disney characters...doing a perfectly choregraphed dance to 'All in this Together' from High School Musical!!! The animator behind it says it took him "3 weeks to animate. The lyrics really speak about our current global situation and I thought making all this with very different characters, dancing together, could be a fun idea"! Then he joked "They shouldn't be dancing that close to each other though! Let's keep it safe out there! 😆" 

SO WELL DONE!! And how cool to see such a great mix of so many favorite characters together...that stormtrooper has MOOOOVES!! ha...can you name them all?? Here's his list and credits... 'dave.xp' on Instagram is an animator who resides in Costa Rica...he also created the popular app Dollify🙂 ENJOY his hard work...SO CUTE!!