Post Malone Putting On A Nirvana Concert From His House Friday

Plans Friday??

Yeah we don't either! ;/ UNTIL NOW🙂 So grateful that so many artists continue to share their music during this pandemic...from the big TV/radio/streaming specials we've been seeing, to just them popping online, going live on their social media from up? Post Malone...apparently a HUGE Nirvana fan...who isn't?🙂Hard to believe its been 26 YEARS since we lost Kurt Posty (as the kids call him)🙂 has decided to put on a 'Nirvana show' LIVE on his You Tube channel this Friday and yes...of course, proceeds will go to Covid 19 relief...he posted a teaser video on his Instagram...not many details...but we are 'assuming' he'll do a handful of Nirvana covers and maybe share some stories?

He goes LIVE at 3pm PST on charity details are listed on his social too...VERY COOL🙂 

Image via Getty

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