Super Creative Ideas For Quarantine Date Nights

Been quarantined with your partner and or family for almost 2 months and going CRAZY ARE YA?? Ha I LOVE this twitter feed of some SUPER CUTE and CREATIVE IDEAS couples have come up with to put a little fun, a little spark back into 'quarantine date nights' that is clearly helping couples stay connected or re-connect and SMILE🙂 it seems these are also fun projects and a healthy activity, a healthy way to spend your time...they can be family friendly too...

What do you think...are YOU down to create a 'drive in movie date night' in your driveway? A 'Zoom class cooking date', a 'paint n sip' night, 'backyard golf' night and more?! What would YOU do at your house?? Hopefully these will inspire you! I SO want to steal the movie date night details...but I'm quarantined SOLO🙁🙁

Click here to see the full thread!

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