Knott's Berry Farm's Famous Fried Chicken Is Available Again!

Hey fellow 'quarantiners'...I know the comfort food take in, has been OFF THE CHARTS for some of us during this 2 month pandemic...the stress has been A LOT for folks and turning to our favorite comfort foods has been, well a 'comfort' lets welcome a childhood favorite back in the mix...the oh so popular Chicken Dinner Restaurant at Knott's Berry Farm is AVAILABLE ONCE AGAIN!!! Phone orders begin as early as TOMORROW May 5th, walks ins May 6th and online ordering coming soon for Mrs. Knott's 'Chicken-To-Go'...the small storefront next to the restaurant's time to get our Knott's Fried Chicken FIX!! Also SELECT DESSERTS will be available too at The Farm Bakery next door...sooooo click here for menu details and specifics and ENJOY!!! and THANK U KNOTT'S!!! Hope to be back at the park with Snoopy and the gang sometime soon too XOXO 

Thumbnail Image via Getty