Perfect May The 4th Star Wars Goodies To Bring Quarantine Smiles!

May the 4th BE WITH YOU!!!! AKA Happy 'Star Wars Day'! A great excuse for us die-hards to celebrate our LOVE of all thing Star Wars...wearing our outfits, sharing pics of our adventures...WATCHING OUR FAVORITE Star Wars movies!! And of course...SPENDING MORE on our favorite franchise🙂 Ha I haven't been spending money on ANY shopping other than bills or food...and ADULT BEVERAGES during this pandemic, but this list is EPIC and is BEYOND TEMPTING!! I don't even cook/bake and I want these cute spatulas🙂 There's tons of SUPER COOL affordable Star Wars goodies on this list...heck, even just reading this now WISH LIST made me SMILE🙂 I know it will do the same for you: 

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