The LA Pride Parade And Festival IS HAPPENING!

Well...its going to be another VIRTUAL EVENT but SOOOO HAPPY that the 50th anniversary of LA Pride was NOT CANCELED, as originally feared due to the pandemic. Normally...about 150,000+ people would be flooding the streets of West Hollywood during PRIDE weekend every June, rocking rainbow colors, showing love and support for the LGBTQ community (I go EVERY YEAR and often host a float for the radio station)🙂 Organizers CSW say the are committed to adapting to the 'current climate and ensuring the celebration will be a staple moment with diverse and creative ways to honor the LGBTQ+ community regardless of an in-person gathering'. 

LA Pride has been working on 'new and exciting initiatives that will be hosted on various digital platforms' to make this happen...detailed announcements will be made soon...just make sure to keep FRIDAY June 12-SUNDAY June 14th OPEN ON YOUR CALENDAR for all the fun!! 

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