Hilarious Pets Interrupting At Home Weather Reports

With the ongoing pandemic and so many under stress economically, mentally and emotionally...finding LITTLE BITS OF HUMOR has been BEYOND NEEDED. Whether its been from random funny memes on social media, watching a comedy or video that makes you belly laugh for a sec or dare I say an actual LIVE PHONE CONVERSATION with a giggly friend...it can all be like free therapy for the soul. Then...ENTER OUR PETS...haaa as I'm sure you've experienced first hand at your own home, with your pets or someone else's...I swear, the funny pet videos I come across on Instagram and reshare...are just a GIFT OF HILARITY!! So its no surprise...you will enjoy this montage the Jimmy Kimmel Live show put together of pets sabatoging their owners...while they were doing weather reports for the local news channel, from home...haa ENJOY!!🙂