Halle Berry's At Home Workout That Burns 250 Calories In 15 Minutes!

Like many celebrities, public figures and heck even just us regular normal people...many of us have found it to be a bit cathartic to 'SHARE MORE' on social media these days...share more about our homes, what we're cooking, what our kids are up to...the stress of homeschooling, what music we like to listen to or like to create, art projects, doing puzzles...showing support for our frontline workers...displaying random acts of kindness, and even sharing what WORK OUTS we're are doing that are helping us get thru this 'stay at home' ordered pandemic.

Actress Halle Berry is no different...she's been sharing more of her life and work outs on her Instagram AND teamed up with Women's Health magazine to discuss the specifics of her work outs that work for her...like how she can burn 250 calories in just 15 minutes by JUMPING ROPE!! See more on her Instagram AND read her sit down's with Women's Health...the jumping rope one has me pumped up already!! LETS GO HALLE!! 🙂 

Image via Getty