IRS To Send $10M In Stimulus Payments Via Prepaid Debit Cards

So...did you ever get that 'stimulus check' from the government? I saw lots of folks HAPPILY reporting on social media they did and were grateful! However...many have had issues and are still waiting for ANY kind of assistance, during the ongoing pandemic. Now, the Treasury Department says, they will be issuing nearly $4 million payments via prepaid Visa debit cards! Which by the way...scares me because of mailbox theft! There's been so many reports of mail being TARGETED by folks LOOKING FOR and succeeding in stealing checks ;/ BUT according to the IRS...the card has 'protections against fraud, loss and other errors'...THAT sounds encouraging🙂

This next wave of prepaid debit cards are being issued to people who did not have bank information on file with the fingers crossed, if this includes YOU...its ON ITS WAY!

Check on the status of your payment using this tool on the IRS website.

To help get answers to your questions about payments, the IRS says they will begin adding over 3,000 additional phone operators to assist. 

If you have questions, you can still call(800) 919-9835.

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