Taylor Swift, Beyonce Join The Obamas For Virtual Graduation

I hope the Class of 2020 is seeing and FEELIN' all the love coming their way, as celebrities, public figures and others have been RALLYING AROUND THEM to make sure they get SOME KIND of 'proper' graduation ceremony this year...from a huge #Graduation2020 virtual event last week that was live on Facebook for over 2 hours with the likes of Oprah, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Garner and TONS more, to a graduation TV special with Barak Obama, LeBron James, the Jonas Brothers and more that aired on ABC last weekend...the next big one happening Saturday June 6th is getting EVEN BIGGER now that Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez AND BTS are joining Michelle AND Barak Obama AND Lady Gaga for a You Tube event for ALL TO SEE and enjoy!! Click here for details...keep that cap and gown on stand by to partake and CELEBRATE YOUR HARD WORK...WITH ALL THESE AMAZING PEOPLE...CELEBRATING YOU!!🙂 

Thumbnail Image via Getty