Former Disneyland Employees Recreate Iconic Park Parade On Zoom!

WOW!! Amidst this devastating pandemic...the DISNEY LOVE IS STRONGER THAN EVER!!! Even FORMER employees of Disneyland Paris teamed up to do this special recreation...JUST to spread some Disney love! Former Disney employee Mat Davies is being had the idea to get as many folks together to pull this off...he got 160 former Disney colleagues to recreate The Wonderful World of Disney Parade, while under lockdown...and look at this!!! They're all part of a private Facebook it was easy to get the word out...this is how their parade routine looked in Paris back in the late 90's and early 2000's (minus being at the park with all the fun costumes)'s their LOCKDOWN much effort and time done from all of their individual homes...I feel like Disney folks in ALL parts of the world would rally for something similar ...just to share some Disney Magic🙂 Enjoy the video! What Disney 'dance' or performance would YOU recreate?