Lakers And Clippers Announce Their New NBA Schedules

Ok basketball fans...FINALLY...we can mark our calendars as to when we can see NEW GAMES FROM OUR FAVORITE LA TEAMS!! NO fans in clearly we can plan on some fun TV VIEWING EXCITEMENT as our teams go live from Orlando...YEAH!! 


  1. July 30: vs. LA Lakers
  2. Aug. 1: vs.Pelicans
  3. Aug. 4: vs. Suns
  4. Aug 6: vs. Dallas Mavericks
  5. Aug. 8 vs.Portland Trailblazers
  6. Aug. 9 vs. Brooklyn Nets
  7. Aug. 12 vs. Denver Nuggets
  8. Aug. 14 vs. Oklahoma City Thunder


  1. Aug. 1st vs Tor
  2. Aug. 3rd vs Utah
  3. Aug. 5th vs Okc
  4. Aug. 6th vs Hou
  5. Aug. 8th vs Ind
  6. Aug. 10th vs Den
  7. Aug. 13th vs Sac

Thumbnail Image via Getty

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