Company Seeking To Hire Someone To Drink Wine And Make $300!

Well well...this is a nice way to OFFSET the cost of ALL the wine most of us have been buying on our own, ESPECIALLY since the start of this pandemic ;0 British wine distributor, Vintage Roots wants to send some lucky soul some WINE and then PAY THEM TO DRINK IT AND POST REVIEWS🙂 ohhh that makes perfect drinking wine...will be like their 'official' job, depending on who they pick 🙂 Way to turn that Covid 19 frown upside doooown🙂 Sadly I see...of course...this is open to UK residents only ;/ but now they have me super excited about their Pinot Grigio ;/ Please follow them on social media for more AND share with any of your fun friends in the UK...they have until the end of August to apply.