Chipotle Using Their Avocado Pits To Dye New Clothing Line

I LOVE THIS...I think about how many limes are wasted every time I've ordered a cocktail over the years without asking for one...limes already packed in my fish tacos that I don't squeeze ;/ SO WASTEFUL!! So I applaud our friends at Chipotle for wanting to do something with the more than 300 million leftover avocado pits from allllllll that delicious guacamole their customers love so much...and use it for DYE for their new sustainable clothing line🙂 

The company announced the launch of their new limited-edition Chipotle Goods clothing and accessories line...for folks looking to 'celebrate their passion for Chipotle while getting quality items that support sustainable agriculture and represent their mission of cultivating a better world'🙂 The gender neutral collection with have things like avocado dyed shirts, leggings, tote bags, hats, baby onesies and more about the line at


Image via Getty

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