Dad Builds EPIC Disney Matterhorn Inspired Ride In BACKYARD!

Ok...this Dad...just scored MAJOR AWESOME DAD POINTS...FOR LIFETIME!!! As we all know...Covid has been EXTREMELY tough on everyone...missing happiness from our favorite theme park visits, has just been one of the many blows ;/ But Dad Sean Napa, CA...decided to take matters into his own hands...and decided to a mini-REPLICA of one of our all time favorite rides at Disneyland and it turned out FANTASTIC!! His journey began in March...with the help of many folks along the way...he just made their house THE MOST POPULAR IN TOWN and then some! I'm sure the neighbors are DYING to take it for a spin after they see this video. Well DONE DAD!! (ps...I hope he remembers to ask folks to sign an insurance waiver before riding)

"They talk about all the negatives of COVID, but one of the benefits of COVID is you have all this time and you realize you know, 'what can I be doing with all this time?'"

Seam said he was inspired by a family who created a "Pirates of the Caribbean" inspired walk through in their home. "COVID changed everything and you know, you want to bring a little bit of normalcy back into your life and for me growing up, Disney was a huge part of that, and so I definitely wanted to bring that to my family," LaRochelle said. (ABC News)