Why Some Moms Are Boycotting Target's 'Naughty Looking' Santa Cookies

Ok ok...I know this year has been BEYOND ROUGH on so many...but, are we really LOOKING for MORE things to be upset about? Especially when it involves Christmas COOKIES? For a gal who already has a naughty sense of humor...I really had to strain my eyes to even TRY & INVISION the 'naughty' that many Mom customers reportedly saw right away. A 'design fail' is now being blamed as the only reason these Santa Cookies sent some Moms in Tennessee into a frenzy! It all started with a post on Facebook by a Mom, innocently sharing pics of the 'cute cookies she got at Target for just $3.99'...an uproar began...as other Mom's were said to have immediately seen Santa's 'boots' as something ELSE ;/ The post & story made its way to the New York Post and here we are...a spokesperson from Target was like...YOU SEE WHAT??? Ok more like 'we have not received any feedback directly on this item. The design is intended to represent Santa's boots. We appreciate the feedback and will take it into consideration moving forward'. 

In other words...PUT THE WINE DOOOOOOWN!! Ha so whether you see Santa's boots as something falic...just know that not only did your complaining help COOKIES SALES SKY ROCKET...but now you have left others...CRAVING ACTUAL NAUGHTY SANTA COOKIES!!! Haaa just sayin ;0