Ariana Grande 'Sweetener' Concert Movie Is Coming To Netflix!

It's a 'SWEET' Christmas gift coming early for die hard Ariana Grande fans aka the 'Arianators'...more of her and her music! Whether you were able to experience her 'Sweetener Tour' LIVE or not...this concert movie will be a MUST WATCH for all, who are not only missing live concerts but who also just can't get enough of their favorite pony-tailed songstress.

It was just ONE YEAR AGO that the tour wrapped up, now it will be coming directly into the homes of fans (well, with a Netflix subscription of course), MOST of whom are beyond thirsty for new content, during this on going ways to stay entertained and MOST OF ALL...continued ways to stay connected with their favorites. Confirmed TODAY...her concert movie "Excuse Me, I Love You," filmed during her 2019 tour, will drop on Netflix December 21st...

Check out these posts from Instagram...folks are excited already!! The trailer drops Thursday 🙂 

Image via Getty

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