McDonald's Giving Away Free Food With $1 App Purchase Now Thru Xmas Eve!

Talk about Santa comin' early!!! Thank you in advance McDonald's...because your generosity just made another month of this pandemic MUCH MORE BEARABLE🙂 

Starting TODAY, Dec. 14th thru Xmas Eve Dec. 24th...McDonald's with not only be featuring iconic holiday characters & their favorite menu items...but those items WILL BE FREE with a $1 minimum purchase! That's IT?!! Oh and will need to do the ordering ALL THRU THEIR MOBILE APP🙂 

We're talking characters like Buddy the Elf, who loves syrupy Hotcakes...Frosty the Snowman, who loves the McFlurry...The Grinch with an Egg McMuffin and Seinfeld's Frank Costanza with a Festivus freebie on the 23rd! Not to mention characters from some of our favorite holiday movies like the Griswolds, John McClane, Gizmo, and more! The 11 days of freebies finishes off with FREE chocolate chip cookies from Santa himself on the 24th! 

Check the calendar below, download the app, and get your $1's ready for the tasty holiday fun!! 

McDonald's free Daily Deals calendar

The freebies will be available at participating locations and each is valid one time per day with a $1 minimum purchase on its mobile app. More details will be available on the app.

  • Dec. 14: The Griswolds, free Double Cheeseburger
  • Dec. 15: The Abominable Snowonster, free Big Mac
  • Dec. 16: The Grinch, free Egg McMuffin
  • Dec. 17: John McClane, free McDouble
  • Dec. 18: Rudolph, free medium Fry
  • Dec. 19: Gizmo, free 6-piece McNuggets
  • Dec. 20: Buddy the Elf, free Hotcakes
  • Dec. 21: Scrooge, free any size Hot or Iced Coffee
  • Dec. 22: Frosty the Snowman, free any size McFlurry
  • Dec. 23: Frank Costanza and the rest of us, free Bakery Item (Apple Fritter, Cinnamon Roll, Blueberry Muffin)
  • Dec. 24: Santa, free 2-pack or 3-pack Chocolate Chip Cookies (No minimum purchase required)

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