Wait?! James Bond & That 70s Show Actress Tanya Roberts Is Still Alive?!

Death is NEVER something folks 'enjoy' talking about, and when it comes to 'celebrity deaths,' there is that weird thing of how many times it has happened 'IN THREE'S' ;/ Thankfully, this story is NOT about that. Oddly enough, it's now not about a celebrity death at all. It's still VERY ODD that news broke over the weekend about the sudden 'death' of actress Tanya Roberts. She is best known for her roles in the James Bond hit 'A View To A Kill,' one of our ALL TIME FAVS 'Charlie's Angels,' 'That 70's Show,' 'Beastmaster,' and more. According to TMZ, her rep Mike Pingel AND her domestic partner Lance both said that 'Tanya collapsed on Christmas Eve after a walk with her dog. She never recovered despite 'being hospitalized and placed on a ventilator.' And no, it was NOT Covid related. That info was not only reported to a variety of media sources but Tanya's rep PUT OUT A PRESS RELEASE STATING THE SAME. Now word is THAT SHE IS STILL ALIVE??!!! Granted it's very good news, and sounds like PRAYERS ARE STILL NEEDED. Good Lord! Tanya, PLEASE PULL THROUGH! And when you do, fire those 2 ;/ Whatever is going on, let us PRAY for Tanya Roberts.