Ben & Jerry's New Ice Cream For Your Dogs Is Happening!

Animal we know, our pets have a been a HUGE BLESSING in this world for as long as we can remember...and CERTAINLY during this on-going pandemic, the bond has become EVEN more celebrated! Helping to keep each other company, to entertain, to love each other unconditionally and keep one another SANE as best we can, just continues to be a Godsend. With so many 'stay-at-home' orders being issued all over the country...reports showed that even more animals were adopted and or fostered, with some local shelters literally being 'cleaned out'! So with even MORE animal-people bonds forming during Covid...many of us also turned to food & adult beverages to 'drown our sorrows'...and for many, that included spoiling our pets riiiight along with us! Thus the idea was born, for an official DESSERT FOR DOGS ice cream line from famed Ice Cream giant Ben & Jerry's! Inspired by some of their animal-loving employees...Ben & Jerry just announced their new line of frozen dog treats called Doggie Desserts. The line kicks off with two flavors named after its employees' pets: Pontch's Mix (peanut butter with a pretzel swirl) and Rosie's Batch (a mix of pumpkin & mini cookies), that will sell for an affordable $2.99 & $4.99...using a sunflower butter base instead of dairy...which is easier on a dog's belly🙂 Coming to grocery & pet stores near us very soon! (as early as this month)🙂