Beyoncé Offering $5,000 Grants For Pandemic Housing Assistance. Apply HERE!

Thank you Beyonce!! Once again, Beyonce is giving back to so many in need through her BeyGOOD Foundation. This time, her Foundation is offering MUCH NEEDED housing assistance to individuals and families facing foreclosures and evictions by giving $5,000 grants to a number of those who apply here. *You have until THIS Friday, January 15th to apply.

During the pandemic, Beyonce's organizatinoDuring the pandemic, Beyonce's organization has also helped to support 715 struggling small black-owned businesses. For these housing grants, BeyGOOD teamed up with the NAAP who posted on their website: "The NAACP is committed to helping ensure African Americans maintain their wealth and financial security during this unprecedented time of COVID-19. We are honored to partner with BeyGOOD to provide financial support to families or individuals who are facing eviction and/or foreclosure. The BeyGOOD Impact Fund will provide one hundred grants up to $5,000 each to families who are delinquent in their home mortgage or rental payments."

Find out ALL the incredible ways her organization is giving back here:


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